?ATTN: The following story is true.  The names have been changed for your protection, as his identity is sworn to secrecy. He has since vanished. Please continue with caution, as you discover…

The Forbidden Magick Of Dr. Regan Reade

How A Renegade History Professor Recovered Ancient Spellwork From Academia And Leaked It To The World

“If they catch me, I’m a dead man.

He chuckled, but he wasn’t kidding.  

Dr. Reade had just gotten done ranting about academia and how unfairly they treat Magick.

How they laughed it off.  

How he’s seen colleagues fired for it.  

And most of all, that they wouldn’t let him teach it.  

Except he wasn’t at his University with other Professors…

He was standing in my living room with other Magicians.  

And the room started to roar.  

The Public Ritual That Changed Magick Forever

It was just another weekend at our ranch in sunny Nevada.

Leslie and I were preparing a private ritual, as we normally do that time of year.  

But this time, it already felt different.   

When he first walked in, you could barely notice him.  

He was a man who kept to himself, and knew how to blend into the crowd.  

I didn’t even see him as the ritual began.  

Afterwards, I stood in the dimly lit hallway, answering questions about the Golden Dawn to a small circle that had formed. 

That’s when I saw him, off in the shadows, standing beside a Temple pillar, urgently waiting for the crowd to subside.  

“Just one moment please. Thank you all for coming” I said, my eyes already fixed on this mysterious figure in the corner.  

I felt a jolt of adrenaline surge through my chest, swallowed my uncertainty, and took a step his way. 

“May I help you?” I asked…

“Hello David. My name is Dr. Regan Reade and I work at [redacted] University. Thank you for such a powerful ceremony. I was hoping to have a moment of your time.”

The Magick Spells That University Professors Don’t Want You To Know

I knew Magick had a bad reputation in academia… 

But it was worse than I thought.  

Dr. Reade dove into one of the most passionate rants I’ve ever seen…

Apparently… the academic world doesn’t just frown on Magick…

They HATE it!

He saw first hand.  Magicians being exposed and fired on the spot… not only at his University, but all over the world.

Best of all, he told the entire room about something extremely special, and powerful. 

A secret Spell archive that his University has been collecting…

… that contains an original version of almost every Spell ever known…

… including many that the public has never seen!

And… what he could do with it if only he had the time.  

You see, as a part time history Professor, he was not only teaching at his University, but he also taught at community college.

So he was far too busy to sort through their hundreds of years worth of research on Spellwork.  

Instead, the entire archive just sat there collecting dust.  

My head exploded with possibilities.  

Is he for real?  Could he really have access to Spells that I’ve never seen before?  

“Well… if you ever find the time, I’d love to work on it with you.” I replied with a smile.

The doctor rolled his eyes.  “Yeah right.  But if they catch me, I’m a dead man.”

He turned and walked out of the door… 

And as he left, I had a strange feeling that this wouldn’t be the last time I heard from Dr. Regan Reade.  

But I didn’t expect it would be so soon.

 “I Don’t Care Anymore David…
I Have Nothing To Lose”

A week later, my phone rang.  

I didn’t recognize the number.  

To my surprise, it was Dr. Reade on the other line.  

His voice was shaking, and quivered as he said…

“David, they just canceled me.  I think they found out about me being a Magician and are slowly weeding me out.”

He took a deep breath and continued. 

“My class is over.  Those idiots won’t let me teach Magick and now they won’t let me teach History 201. I’m finished.” 

My jaw nearly dropped. I never heard of a history Professor being CANCELED before!

That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head.

I knew I could have done one of 3 things…

1. I could walk away, facing a potential train wreck situation that could hurt the Temple…

2. I could offer my sympathy.  I could see what sort of work I could offer him to help him get by at arms length…

3. Or, I could make the choice I made.  I could invite him over, tap into the mysterious archive he told me about…  spit in the face of academia… and bring this lost Spellwork to the world.  

“Forget them.  Let’s put out that course you always wanted to.”

I chuckled, half kidding, just to see what he would say…

But his reply was dead serious.  

“I was hoping you’d say that, because…

I Backed Up The Entire Spell Archive On My Hard Drive…It’s Time To Give This Stuff Back To The People

I just don’t want my face on anything.  Or my real name.  If they find me they might kill me.  

I’m not even joking.”

I nearly dropped my tea to the floor.  

The next day, Dr. Reade arrived at the Temple, and we both got really excited about what we would discover.   

That day, we set out on …

A Month Long Mission To Reawaken The Most Powerful Spells In History In Their Most Raw And Purest Form

Day by day, we dug into mountains of different Spells from different parts of history – from all across the world.   

But it wasn’t enough to simply read them… 

We needed to test each and every one.  

For that month, the temple turned into a Spellwork factory.  

Dr. Reade would prepare them, then hand them to Leslie and I, who put them to work right away.  

Some of them were duds.  

Others were so broken up, even with all of our experience – we couldn’t figure out how to put them back together. 

But then, we found a treasure trove of real gems that were complete enough – and really WORKED!  

As we started practicing and perfecting these “new” Spells, we couldn’t help but notice radical changes every day.

We tried an ancient Shelter Spell to find a parking spot, and watched as one opened up for us everywhere we went that day. 

Then, we did this archaic Glamour Spell and Leslie just-so-happened to get everything she wanted out of a meeting later that evening.  

The following week, I cast a Protection Spell at my tour guide side job during an accident and saved 48 peoples’ lives.  

Then, Leslie even tried a Prosperity Spell that won her a random grocery store drawing and paid her $400+ tab!

It wasn’t long before we realized that these new found Spells improved quality in all areas of both of our lives.   

The more we practiced these Spells, the more it seemed like…

Any Inconvenience We Had Was Automatically Solved With A Spell 

We knew that we had found something special, and we had gotten results ourselves…  

But we had to know for sure.  

So we invited our private students to test them, one student at a time.  

Like Nathan’el who lost his house and used these Spells to find a new home, a new job, and a new (and gorgeous) wife.  

Then there was Jorge, who had an accident mountain climbing, and used these Spells to regain use of his legs. 

Then Margaret, the Canadian bus driver, who used these Spells to create not one, but TWO new businesses for herself and let her retire early.

Even Dr. Reade! As soon as we were done, he used these Spells to manifest a scientific expedition to view a solar eclipse in Asia – and we haven’t heard from him since!

It’s as if we had found the hidden strings that tie all Magick together from all across the world and history…

And they worked for almost everyone who tried them.   

This Ancient Collection Soon Started To Earn The Reputation Of Being Called “Spellwork Mastery”

And it never changed, because that’s what it is:  A secret Spellwork collection from ancient Masters brought to life. 

Which brings us to now…

And brings us to you learning Spellwork Mastery too.

I’m about to open this door for you, but first there’s something I need you to fully understand about using these Spells in your own life.  

Because this isn’t just a power, it’s a responsibility.

Once you learn how to put these secret Spells into practice and harness this ancient knowledge…

You’ll be able to command the world around you and see yourself manifest anything you desire while sitting in your living room, with more confidence and conviction …

Than you would have by attending rituals in a Temple every day for a year straight. 

And this next thing is important, so listen to me closely

You’ll be able to learn it all in chilling detail, without a sliver of confusion or wondering if you’re doing it “right.”

I know that may sound crazy right now… 

But this isn’t just a Spellwork course… It’s college level education.

It explains EVERYTHING… from every single angle.

Because, unlike most “pulp Magick” courses out there…

Dr. Reade and I built this course from an academic perspective…

With the same levels of planning, credibility and mastery you’d expect from a real University course. 

So, Are you ready to feel what it’s like to have a hidden Vault of proven Magick Spells at your fingertips?

Are you ready for a fresh start on your life?  

Are you ready to become the powerful Magician you’ve always dreamed of being… and practically force life to hand you what you want, when you want it? 

If you’re still reading this it means the answer is absolutely yes.  

Spellwork Mastery is the result of over a year of non-stop, intensive research, testing and work…

Hard work we did, so you don’t have to…

You see, when we decided to create this course and make these secret Spells public, we set a goal as big as graduating with a PHD.  

And To Reach This Goal, This New Spellwork Program Had To Accomplish Three Things

1. It had to be EASY!

As close to “Done for you” as possible so you don’t have to worry whether you’re performing each Spell “right” or not.  

2. It had to be EFFECTIVE!

Which is why these Spells have been tested by me and Leslie personally, so you know they’ll work to get you the results you want.  

3. It had to be LIFE CHANGING!

For me to feel satisfied, this system had to be more than just Spells on a page. 

Just by allowing yourself to experience this program you’ll transform your whole attitude towards Magick and Spellwork and open yourself to a whole new world of health, wealth, and abundance. 

Here’s Just A Small Taste Of The Incredible Spells You Will Learn And Everlasting Results You’re Going To Get When You Enroll In Spellwork Mastery Today

You’ll discover things like…

Ever wonder how to get a leg up on life the easy way?

Use this process our ancestors discovered to perform powerful Magick with nothing more than colored chalk…

…and you won’t need to spend one single penny on robes, wands, or candles ever again! 

(Note:  Check Modules 1, 2 and 3 for specifics.)

Next you’ll discover the secrets of…

Ever wanted the strength of a bull, the vision of an Eagle, or the wisdom of an Owl?

You can use the “Shamanic Shapeshifter Method” in Module 3 to take on whatever trait you desire from all your favorite animals!

You won’t believe how many superpowers the animal kingdom contains…and they’ll all be right at your fingertips with this incredible module.

BE ADVISED: Using this technique is like adding rocket fuel to your intuition. ONLY use this when you wish to awaken the sleeping power within you!

And then we’ll go to new levels of Spellwork wonder with…

This forgotten power of Neolithic cavemen guaranteed a bountiful hunt almost every time. 

Whether you are hunting for “bucks”, men, or job offers, or anything else, cast this Abundant Hunter Spell (Module 4) to unlock your primal hunting powers. 

This next one is not for the unadventurous…

Ever wish you could have a magical servant whose only job was to wait on you hand-and-foot to do your bidding?

Use this technique to summon a magical assistant that works around the clock to amplify your power, super-charge your Spells and bring you faster results…

…all while you’re going about your day, reading a book, or even taking a nap!

(Hint:  Check Modules 4, 5 and 6 for specifics.)

Next you will learn how to use…

Brahmin priests in India for thousands of years have used Medicine Spells from holy books called Vedas against all manner of illnesses, from migraines and coughs, with miraculous results.

Could this be why these priests are known to live long, strong and healthy lives?

See what it can do for you in Module 7. 

And then you will discover the secrets of the…

Have you ever felt the insecurity of being a single paycheck away from homelessness?

Ancient Hindus knew all about poverty and created the Anti-Poverty Amulet so they would never go hungry.

 SIDE EFFECT: Carry this Amulet with you (from Module 8) to enter any situation with confidence and self-assurance that you are ready to meet any challenge.

You’ll get so empowered when you use this one…

This simple Spell acts as a sudden shot of adrenaline to instantly eliminate bad habits.

You won’t know what came over you, but you’ll feel proud when you look at yourself in the mirror and see the physique you have always wanted.

Everyone will want to know your secret, when all you did was wear the amulet, then follow your instincts!

Important: You’ll also learn how to use this amulet to break the chains holding you back from the life you deserve…

…and finally reach your TRUE potential! 

This next one is not for the faint of heart…

Wouldn’t it be nice to get direct support from your ancestors to force life around you to bend to your will?

Use the Chinese Spirit Summoner – an ancient Spell discovered by Taoist masters to call powerful spirits to influence the world around them.  

It’s easier than you think, and even easier to perform (see Module 10)

Next you will learn how to brew…

Have you ever felt like there was something evil looming over your life and you want it gone?

Try drinking this ancient Persian tea, known to ward off evil spirits that bring illness and curses…

And you’ll be surprised how light you feel in your body, and safe you feel in your spiritual space.  

(NOTE:  The ingredients are very cheap, yet intensely powerful.  Check out Module 11 for recipe.)

Next he showed us…

It’s easier than you think, and even easier to perform (see Module 10). 

Next you will learn how to brew…

Want to triple the power of your Spellcasting? Then you’re going to love this one. 

Ancient Greek Magicians used “location Magick” to enhance their Spells and get fast results.

The secret lies in doing this specific technique when you reach a crossroad, that acts like a magnifying glass for your Magick. 

Hint:  You’ll never think of stop signs the same way again, so make sure to check Module 12.

Next, you can kiss obstacles in your life goodbye once you harness the power of…

War is never pretty, but the ancient Romans knew a secret Magick that struck fear in the heart of their enemies and win the war. 

Can you imagine what it could do to your limiting beliefs? 

If it worked for Caesar, surely it will work for you.  

Check out Module 13 for details…

I know this sounds crazy, but it really works…

Invisibility cloaks are not just in stories like Harry Potter…

Rumor has it that the Library of Alexandria held the secret formula to invisibility before it was burned to the ground.  

Thanks to the few scribes who survived (and their amazing memories), the Spellwork of invisibility was restored … 

And thanks to Professor Reade, and his archives…

This lost Spellwork is also in Module 14.

Important: You will also discover…

This Spell is so quick to do, but so powerful.   

It hands you control of a negotiation as if you were a puppet master being handed a marionette…

Where the more you ask for, the quicker they are to comply…

Until you walk away getting exactly what you wished for, and they couldn’t be happier to give it to you. 

Next you will learn the…

Did you know most people who are cursed, don’t even realize it?

Arabic Magicians dispelled curses using a beautiful blue pendant, until it was stolen and sold as cheap tourist jewelry, which holds no power…

… unless you know the secret revealed in Module 16.

You’ll drive your love life into high gear when you try this next one.  I call it…

Would you like to feel those butterflies in your chest, and that burning in your heart like when you first met? 

This method, discovered on scrolls written by ancient Tantric practitioners, is so easy to do, but so powerful…

It allows you to actually build an “etheric magnet” of attraction  between you and your lover …

Where the more passionate you are, the more passionate she (or he) gets …

Until your bodies both ache with mutual desperation … 

Next you will learn how to make…

Sick and tired of bad luck? 

Drink the “Taoist Luck Potion” in Module 18 the next time your luck turns sour, and watch as your situation works out for you as if by Magick (because it is). 

(Hint: One sip of this may double your luck for the day, so use with caution). 

Next you’ll discover the secrets of…

Have you ever felt so inspired that you had endless energy and could create anything you put your mind to?

Magicians of the Renaissance knew a simple trick to summon their Muse to whisper in their ear and unleash their creative powers. 

And, guess what?  She’s ready to visit you too (see Module 18 for instructions). 

You’ll get so excited when you use this next one. 

Historians call it…

Use this simple 60-second method if you want to double (if not triple) your manifesting powers. 

All you need is a pen, a paper, and a burning desire to have  what you want.  

(WARNING:  Be careful what you write down here, because you’re going to have to deal with it when it arrives.)

Next you’ll discover…

Need to perform under pressure and remember every detail? Never forget an important answer, miss a critical point, or draw a blank.

Follow The Roman Memory Map in Module 21 and take the shortcut to remembering everything you need to know when you’re put on the spot, even if it’s been forgotten for years.  

Finally, he showed us his most eye-opening discovery…

Ever wonder how Spells are written in the first place?  

Try it for yourself with the Spellmaster’s Forge.  You won’t believe how writing your own Spells could be so simple and could work so well (so fast)…

…as long as you follow the specific rules in Module 22.

And so much more…

Who Am I And Why Should You Believe

This Almost Unbelievable Story? 

As I mentioned, my name is David Griffin, and I’m Rosicrucian Imperator of the Golden Dawn and Bishop of the Alpha Ωmega.

My wife Leslie McQuade is Golden Dawn Chief Adept and High Priestess of the Alpha Ωmega.

And even though this encounter with Dr. Reade happened in our very own home, I do not expect you to believe me, seeing how sensational of a story this may seem.   

That’s why I welcome you to set aside your disbelief for just a moment and see this for what it really is – a Vault of lost Spellwork and ancient knowledge that most people don’t even know exists. 

Because after months and months of testing the discoveries of Dr. Reade, making absolutely sure that everything works…

Here we are, preparing your graduation… as we have for so many others.  

Just take a look and see for yourself…

Attention: This Is Not Your Typical “Cliff Notes” Program
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Spellwork Mastery is the most complete, comprehensive and powerful Spellwork course available anywhere in the world. 

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Inside you’ll find 22 full course modules complete with every secret Spell, method and technique you’ve learned about today…

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Along with the treasure trove of Spells we’ve prepared for you inside Spellwork Mastery, we wanted you to have our favorite Spells of all time. 

These 49 Spells are not inside the course.  Rather, they are the fastest, easiest, and most effective Spells Leslie and I have used over the past several years.

So, for your first gift, we wanted to give them to you as a supplemental Spellbook to Spellwork Mastery.  
This way, you can use the secret techniques you’ll learn to make our favorite Spells even more powerful.    

You’ll discover…

• The top 7 Spells for manifesting abundance

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Gift #2 – Shamanic Journey

Leslie insisted you have this second gift because she has spent decades using these powerful shamanistic techniques.  
Ancient shamans have gone on spiritual journeys since the dawn of time.  
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But with sound.  
That’s why we’ve prepared a 27 minute audio-visual experience to replicate what Shamans have spent centuries trying to perfect…

…so you can go on your own Shamanic Journey with the push of a button, and, suddenly…

• Astral travel to different realm

• Communicate with your ancestors

• Identify and embrace your true spirit animal

• Tap into the Earth energy surrounding you

• Amplify your magical power

• And so much more.

All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet… and you’re well on your way to having your own Shamanic Journey unlike any other

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​​​​​Every Magician needs Magick tools… yet the most powerful Magicians always craft their own.

This is especially true when it comes to the ancient art of animation – imbuing magical figures with your own Spell power so they’ll do your bidding on the Astral Plane.

And while VooDoo practitioners use woven dolls… and shamans use totems and fetishes…

You’ll discover how to use the ancient Magick of Poppets to guard you, guide you, and carry out whatever task you want them to (whenever you want it done).

In your third gift, Poppets of Power, you’ll discover how to mold, build, and animate poppets made from clay, wood, or any other commonly found items.

Then, with the power of Spellwork Mastery, along with a few more specialized animation Spells…

You’ll create an etheric army of soldiers who turn your home, your car, or anywhere you stay into a fortress of magical protection…

…a magnet for love and prosperity…

…an amphitheater for personal power…

…an altar of enchantment…

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