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You have arrived at this page for a special purpose & reason…

Because you know that nothing occurs by chance without a reason behind it…

You are about to be taken on an amazingly complete journey to mastering Magick and Spellwork, a complete comprehensive course like no other, to give you…

Magick that benefits you.

No stone has been left unturned;

You will be guided through the most powerful Ancient Systems of Prehistoric to Modern Magick ever known to mankind.

Completely Master the Hidden Art of Spellwork, Passed down Through the Ages in Secret from initiated Spell Master to Apprentice.

By the time you’re done with this course, you will have the ability to design your own powerfully practical spells for personal use, and effectively cast spells any spell from any grimoires, tome or book of shadows from times gone by or more recent.

With all this though comes a great responsibility…

Because you will be so empowered after completing this Comprehensive course that there is virtually nothing you will not be able to accomplish by applying your new found magical skills and abilities.

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The complete Full Secrets of each system are totally Revealed to you for the very first time in one Comprehensive & rewarding course of study.

Learn how to Manifest the Impossible in All Areas of your Life including:

✔ Career

✔ Abundance and Prosperity

✔ Health and Relationships.

Give yourself the gift of total empowerment and a huge advantage by studying with us.

Imagine what it would mean for you if we could show you How to cast

✔ “A Spell for abundance, independence & freedom?”

What would you do if you could learn

✔ “How to find your soul mate?”

Wouldn’t it be so much better for you to be given the abilities to:

✔ “Protect yourself and your family?”

✔ “Help you live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life?”

Take a moment right now… and think about all the times you’ve encountered blockages in:

✔ Your personal life,

✔ Your career,

✔ Recreational activities

✔ And so forth…

Okay, not so great is it?

Alright now. Erase all that from your mind and instead replace it with how your life would be like if you gained total control in all aspects – even those that so far have remained beyond your reach?

Picture it vividly!

Envision it!

Smell it!

Feel it!

See yourself living and experiencing that kind of amazing life you want, right now!

If you can envision that, then we can certainly give you the skills and magical abilities for you to then put into practice and manifest those images into actuality!

Replace the Nos and blockages in your life with big…


Get ready!

To learn just what you need to empower your life today in one of the most comprehensive Magick courses ever brought to YOU!

Read what people just like you are saying about this life changing one of a kind Magick Course…

So…How would it be like if you could enter a world in which rules can be changed, one in which time and space as you perceive them ceased to exist?

Perhaps you are beginning to realize that this world I just described to you is very real and all about you.

Only thing is , it’s outside your realm of the Five senses.

I invite you right now to enter and see time and space melt away as you journey to the world beyond our senses, a world that began even before the dawning of humankind on earth.

In fact, cultures all across time—spanning the entire planet—have used the same core principles of powerful Magick to accomplish all of their goals, blast past all their obstacles, and attain levels of enlightenment and self-knowledge that unleash the TRUE inner powers we’re all capable of.

Hi. I’m Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin.

Top rated anthropologist, Leslie McQuade and I have spent decades studying the magical tactics and techniques of ancient sorcerers and magicians all around the world…and all throughout history.

We studied the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Native Americans, the Taoists and so many more. – And we took everything we’ve discovered and put it into our most comprehensive and powerful course EVER.

We call it Spellwork Mastery, because before you finish the course, you will master the art of Spells.

Here’s are just some of the valuable forms of Magick you’ll gain access to:



Ever wanted the strength of a bull, the grace of a swan, or the wisdom of an owl?

With the “Shamanic Shapeshifter Method” you’ll learn in Lesson 3, you’ll be able to take on whatever trait you desire from all your favorite animals!

You won’t believe how many superpowers the animal kingdom contains…and they’ll all be right at your fingertips with this incredible module.


Learn How to quickly and easily consecrate an “Anti-Poverty Pearl Amulet” that ancient Hindus used to make sure they’d NEVER go hungry.

PLUS: How to tweak your new amulet to give you a longer and healthier life, too!


If you’d prefer not to be noticed so you can work your Magick without any trouble

simply cast the “Alexandrian Invisibility Cloak” you’ll learn in Lesson 14 to melt into the background and go about your work completely undisturbed!


Having a run of bad luck? The “Emergency Fortune-Flipper Technique” you’ll learn in Lesson 18 combines Arcane Taoist secrets with modern Chaos Magick…

To produce a hard-hitting talismanic ritual that’s sure to pull you out of that rut you’re in…

and put you on the path to effortless success and happiness instead!


Learn How your ancient ancestors performed powerful Magick with nothing more than colored chalk…

and how YOU can use the exact same “Paleolithic Power Process” to quickly and easily manifest your deepest desires.

Best part is…once you discover this simple and insanely effective system…

You won’t need to spend one single penny on robes, wands, or candles ever again!


Is your relationship fizzling?

“Reignite The Romance” with the magical abilities you’ll learn from the records of Native American tribes all over North America.

Do this right, and you’ll feel the sparks flying just like they did in the very beginning…

when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other!


The Neolithic “Conjured Companion Technique”

You can use to easily create a magical assistant that works around the clock to amplify your power, super-charge your spells and bring you incredible results…

…all while you’re going about your day, reading a book, or even taking a nap!


How to instantly eliminate bad habits

without therapy, changing your eating habits or a new exercise routine…

Do this right, and you’ll be absolutely astounded at how quickly you can break the chains holding you back from the life you deserve…

…and finally reach your TRUE potential!

So, let’s take a closer look at what you will discover in this uniquely empowering course…


Spellwork Through The Ages And Across The World

Module 1:  Introduction & Paleolithic Spellworking 1  

Learn the key background history with Leslie…

As she takes you on the essential journey from the precepts of where and how it all started to emerge magically complete

You get to see and experience Magick in its truly primal form and gain the keys placing you and your identity back in its rightful place

where you can re-tap into the necessary missing universal energies from the beginnings of time itself.

Module 2:  Paleolithic Spellworking 2  

Dig deeper with Leslie guiding you to the emerging cultures

… and how Magick was incorporated into the ancient cultures of the past.

More vital keys and clues are shared that will give you a strong essential connection to the original earth currents of real Magick.

Module 3:  Paleolithic Spellworking 3  

Finally emerge into more practical methods and some of the nations most powerful life changing practices outlined and demonstrated for you to incorporate into a functional means of upping your own spiritual powers.

Module 4:  Neolithic Spellworking 1  

Travel to the times of Neolithic emergence, clay housing and great stone circles and pillars erected for praise and worship and casting fantastic spells and workings that tapped the energies of the universe as well as primal planetary forces.

Proceed to making fully representational figures out of clay for things you want to begin summoning into your life…

or events you want to have happen.

In the Neolithic, wish-figures of animals were used for hunting Magick, seemingly activating once they were symbolically maimed or slain.

You want to come up with something symbolic to do with your own figures in order to activate them, you will find the How to revealed for the first time, right here.

Powerful beginnings!

Module 5:  Neolithic Spellworking 2  

Moving forward through the ages where more tribal rituals and practices evolved working with fire and stones and the elements…

You are given further insights and guided along on how to create your own powerful magical methods of transformation.

The magical theory of animatism seems to be the most original…

The idea of a pervasive impersonal power permeating and animating reality.

The Polynesian concept of “mana” is like this.

Animatism may relate to the roots of religion in that persons and things endowed with greater “mana.

The magical power leading to victory and success, are often regarded with awe, wonder, and trepidation, but mana can also be treated mechanistically in a more secular fashion.

We show you how to raise powerful Mana.

Module 6:  Indo-European Spellworking 1  

The ancient culture which generated the roots of our language, English, is named for its language group, the Indo-Europeans.

They called themselves the “Aryans,” meaning the nobles, in India and Iran, and probably had their origins in shamanic societies of Central Asia.

They were nomadic, and spread all through India, Europe, Central and North Asia, and even into the Middle-East.

Their magical practices combined shamanic roots with increasing ritualization, as well as a focus on poetry and incantations, called mantras in India and Iran.

We’re going to share with you some magical Spells adapted from a collection of spells found in the Atharva-veda…

One of the last of the four “Vedas,” which are compilations of Magick ritual poetic texts and the instructions for reciting them preserved by Brahmin priests in India for thousands of years.

You get it all right in this module.

Module 7:   Indo-European Spellworking 2  

Vedas means “the visions,” and they were originally passed down orally, being heard by wizard-seers called the “Rishis” in synaesthetic trances in which they perceived the ‘primordial sounds.’

The ancient Aryans believed that all of reality was based on these primal sounds, but they were transmitted in the Sanskrit language, still held sacred by Hindus today.

This course doesn’t involve the use of any specific sacred languages, so we’re going to adapt the spells in the Atharva-veda for use in English.

Which is, after all, still an Indo-European language.

Let’s start with a practical spell to cure headaches and coughs…

Module 8:  Ancient Mesopotamian Spellworking  

We’ve pulled out a few useful spells from the heritage of Mesopotamia for you to try out…

So, like good nomads, let’s proceed to spells from the world’s first urban civilizations.

Ancient Middle-Eastern people were rather preoccupied with protection spells against witches and demons, since all misfortune was ascribed to them…

Ancient Mesopotamians loved divinations and omens.

Here are some simple ones you are going to love to try!

Module 9:  Ancient Egyptian Spellworking  

The Egyptians regarded Magick as so powerful that it could, when properly used, influence or even control the gods themselves.

Here’s another spell we’ve assembled based on the principles of Egyptian magical practice, for the purpose of destroying enemies.

You could also use it for destroying bad habits, undesirable traits, etc. 

Module 10: Ancient Chinese Spellworking

The Magick of the earliest Chinese dynasties is even more obscure to Westerners than Egyptian material.

While many Daoist practitioners continue to work Magick and medicine today, their tradition embodies a continuous transmission from historical dynasties to the present, interwoven with various religious and philosophical contexts.

​​​​​​​Much as the ancient Egyptian Magick subsumed religion, the most ancient Chinese magical beliefs subsumed the development of natural philosophy and related speculations in early China.

We reveal practical applications to you here.

Module 11: Ancient Persian Spellworking

Back to ancient Persia.

One popular way to transfer, curses, illnesses, and anything else you don’t like was to first make a uniquely special cup of tea… We show you how.

Another charm, possibly the earliest known, is based on tales of a mythical bird,

We give you the steps to do this…

And we’re going to suggest a magical project certain to enhance your magical power and authority.

Module 12: Ancient Greek Spellworking

Magick was extremely common in the ancient Greek world.

Ancient Greek Magicians liked leaving things where targets could see them, but not make sense of them.

Like wax tablets carved with disturbing sigils left at people’s doors, or at the crossroads nearest their house.

Find out all about it in this intriguing module.

Module 13: Ancient Roman Spellworking

Magick in ancient Rome was probably even more common and popular than in Greece and the Romans had one of if not the MOST powerfully effective form of Pagan magical system in the ancient world…

There was quite a lot of cursing going on all through Roman history.

Here’s the most popular method: We show you how and other powerful Roman spells.

Module 14: Alexandrian Spellworking

By far the greatest collection of spells we have from the ancient world are the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri. 

Magick seemed to reach its peak of popularity in the city of Alexandria, Egypt.

It was the ideal of Alexander the Great’s cosmopolitan world.

With the greatest library in ancient times, every world-view, religion, practice, and ideology could be found there.

We discuss all about Alexandrian Spellworking right here!

Module 15: Medieval Spellworking 

The Medieval period also brought the “grimoire,” which is related to the word “grammar” and later to the idea of “spelling out” one’s desires.

We show you spells to increase your wealth and be favored by the spirits.

We share with you the most popular “Magick Square” which passed down through the Middle Ages from the Classical world.

Find out all about it right in here…

Module 16: Islamic Spellworking

Islamic culture has also preserved many rather specific traditions Spells, including using the many names of God and of protection against the “evil eye,” 
We’re going to share with you some traditional ways of protecting yourself from the evil eye.​​​​

Module 17: Tantric Spellworking

Tantric spells were used by Hindus, Buddhists, and perhaps even unorthodox Muslims.

Now, we know that the first association that comes to mind with “Tantra” is “Sex Magick,” but it means “warp,” referring to the part of the weaving fixed on the loom.

So it’s about warping and weaving reality.

Probably the most specific feature of tantra was that it combined Magick with intense mystical practices.

You gain access to all this in here…

Module 18: Taoist Spellworking

Aside from the magical techniques you are now generally familiar with, Daoist Magick combines all sorts of highly specialized operations… 

including a vibrant spirit summoning tradition and the ancient science of Alchemy.  

We will share with you certain special Talismans and how to use them effectively.

Module 19: Renaissance Spellworking Through Romanticism

Renaissance Magick in Europe was marked by attempts to revive Hermeticism in a monotheistic setting when ancient Hermetic magical texts of the early Christian era re-entered Europe after the fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453.

Let’s finish your visit to the magical style of the Renaissance with an experiment inspired by the Age of European Exploration and Colonialism.

More about that right here in this fabulous module.

Module 20: The Magical Revival Through Contemporary Spellworking

The modern occult revival brought a third wave of Hermeticism with groups like the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.

As well as new syncretisms that some scholars call “Neo-Hermeticism,”

The Magick of the Order of the Golden Dawn which we teach and practice regularly, as well as magically-inspired new religious movements like Thelema.

We’re going to share the MOST popular, powerful, and effective form of Magic born in the modern occult revival, still used by all kinds of contemporary Magicians today

Hang on to your hats…

If you’ve gone through all the preceding modules diligently, this is where it ties in all together to manifest the effects you want to happen in your life. Now you are ready to dig deeper with,,,


Spellworking Theory

Module 1 – Spellworking Theory

Now that you are a Magician, you’ll want to learn some magical theory.

This is a broad subject, and each of our courses includes a theory section.

Here, we’ll focus, of course, on the theoretical basis of Spellcasting.

We defined the term “Spell” at the beginning of the course, but what really are they?

All the secrets behind it all is explained in this essential module full of Aha! Moments for the Magician!

Once you get the theory down, next you are ready for…


Practical Spellworking

Module 1 – Spellworking Practice

We take you through labs where we get you to put everything you have absorbed in the 20 plus modules and now put it into practical activated use!

This is where you will not only be upping your abilities through practice, but also where you are given more keys in order for you to create your own powerfully effective personal spells.

Just like a Spell Master is supposed to do…

Time to get it on and make things happen…all in this module!

All of the above is just a small taste of what you’ll find in this incredible comprehensive course packed with spells from around the world and every age of human history.

Now you might be thinking about how amazing this sounds, and imagining all the ways your life is going to change for the better once you have the powers of ancient sorcerers at your fingertips.

Just thinking about all this now, you may realize that this is finally going to put YOU in charge of your own life and destiny…

You might be wondering but what is it going to cost you, to put all the power of Spellwork Mastery in your hands today so you can wield true power?

Perhaps you know of  Magicians out there who charge thousands and thousands of dollars for information that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Leslie and I have put together for you right here, all in one easily absorbable resource for you!

But WAIT! We have this figured out for you so YOU will be able to afford the course you’ve been looking for all your life…


We originally offered it from our website, by itself, for $499, which is more than fair considering the years of research and masses of content we packed into this course. Today our Spellwork Mastery digital edition regularly lists for $399 on our website..


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This is your best shot to get our world-spanning, results producing Spellwork Mastery course for only $198

(All digital edition)

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When you enroll now, you also get these amazing bonus modules…


Bonus Modules

Bonus 1  – 7×7 Spells Ebook

As a super special extra bonus we are throwing in the highly sought after 49 spells (a $197 value).

Our 7×7 Spells system covering 7 of the most effective and potent spells covering the 7 core areas to ensure you get to enjoy a higher quality of life…

The very spells you’ve been looking for are covered right here separated in categories

Seven spells of 7 main classes…The 7 x 7 spells ebook is a must have spells compendium of the very best, every Witch, Magician and Spellcaster should have in their arsenal.








Bonus 2 – Shamanic Journey


A tremendous audio-visual experience that will take you on a spiritual journey across time and space using the techniques of Native American shamans!

Simply press “Play” and then let yourself get swept up in the ride to see where this powerful current takes you.

Shamanic Journey is a $147 value alone, but again, it’s yours for ZERO extra cost when you order Spellwork Mastery today.

Bonus 3 – Poppets of Power

​​​​​​​A simple step-by-step method for constructing your own magical dolls, poppets and figures imbued with whatever kind of Magick you wish!

Simply build them correctly and add your Magick using the techniques we’ll show you…and you can take your power with you anywhere (instead of only in your ritual space!)

Here is where we delve into the more elaborate spells involving clay and wood

figures to protect your home:

You will Make a varied number of clay figures (they can look like anything)

using the Doll Dough recipe from the “POPPET” DVD.

As well as other types of poppets using the secret recipes contained herein

You will enter a new world of magical poppets, how to create, cast, enchant and put them to magically achieving your purpose for you!

Poppets Of Power normally sells for $97 by itself—yours FREE when you order Spellwork Mastery.

With this digital edition of Spellwork Mastery & Certification…

✔  You get our 31 Module Course Set

✔  You get 10 LIVE! Spell Troubleshooting Webinars

✔  You get our Shamanic Journey Bonus Module

✔  You get our Poppets of Power Bonus Module

✔  You get our 73 page course workbook

✔  You get immediate access to everything in our on-line members’ website.

✔  You get to gain the magical Powers and Spellcasting abilities of a Master!

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Finally, if you enroll today you also get this live webinar program included…






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You can pour your heart and soul into Spellworking using the most effective, results-driven spells you’ll find inside our course.
You can spend hours, weeks, months or even years perfecting your craft. You can do everything right, and STILL…
You’re only going to get so far.
Human beings don’t always have the discipline that’s required to truly excel in Spellworking.
There’s a GOOD reason why even today, you don’t see the kinds of results you’ve perhaps read about in ancient grimoires on Spellcraft.
Mostly due to the hustle and bustle of daily life, folks just don’t have the time it often takes to MASTER their craft on their own.
Most people would rather spend their time staring down at their phones, or aimlessly scrolling through their Facebook feeds instead of dedicating the time and focus in solitude it takes to…

Become A World-Class SpellMaster!

Not to mention, there are no amount of Magick books in the world that can give you the authentic transmission of the sacred, initiated knowledge that can ONLY be passed down from Master to Disciple… the kind of knowledge that transforms you from the inside out… imbues you with ancient power, and…

Changes EVERYTHING You Think You Know About Magick.

For centuries, the only possible way to obtain this level of instruction was by traveling to far off lands in search of a true Master and dedicating your entire life to their sole instruction.

And maybe with a bit of “luck” you’d be fortunate to be chosen for Apprenticeship.

I was lucky enough to receive the transmission that changed my life directly from my mentor, Master LVX e Tenebris. Leslie received hers from Master Yuki in Okinawa, Japan.

And It Wasn’t An Easy Ride For Either Of Us!

But now that we’re authentic SpellMasters ourselves, we’ve decided this world needs some uplifting momentum to accelerate its progress into the Age of Enlightenment…

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So with the miracle of modern technology and a little touch of “Magick”, we’ve been able to create a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity for you to…

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We’re offering an even deeper level of private training and sacred instruction to an elite group of our best Spellwork Mastery students, in the most cost-efficient way possible, while keeping true to the ancient tradition of an in-person transmission of the highest wisdom.

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We have to limit enrollment so we can serve our Apprentices to the best of our ability.

So if you’ve got that feeling in your gut that you might be ready to take your Spellwork to the highest, most advanced level that exists…

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With your Spell Master Training and Certification you’ll get:

10 Spellwork Training and Troubleshooting Webinars

We’ll gather once per month via a live-streaming webinar conference session ​​​​​​​where we will give the sacred transmissions of higher wisdom required to initiate you into the craft.

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Also, you’ll be able to interact with us LIVE and receive answers to any questions you may have along your journey!

Personal Mentoring And Apprenticeship

You will become our personal Apprentice and receive full mentoring in your craft under the watchful eye of Leslie McQuade and myself.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Each and every step you take along the way to becoming a Certified Spell Master will be with our careful guidance and instruction.

Troubleshoot Spells Directly With The Spell Masters

Sometimes no matter how much effort you put into it, a spell might go wrong. When the inevitable happens, you’ll have instant access to our troubleshooting expertise to make sure you get it right and obtain the result you desire!

Join Our Community And Meet Other Spellworkers

Have an idea for a spell but need some feedback?

Join a family of other Spellworkers who are just as serious as you are about excelling in the Art of Spellcraft.

Ask questions and get answers from a variety of angles, cultures, beliefs and traditions… Infuse their knowledge into your Spellworking to achieve a whole new level and accelerate your abilities beyond anything you’ve previously imagined!

Official And Authentic Spell Master Certificate (Suitable for Framing)

wAt the end of your Apprenticeship, upon successful examination you will be rewarded with an official certificate with your full name that entitles you to the prestigous level of a genuine SpellMaster!

(This is the highest achievement a Spellworker can obtain in one lifetime… and your abilities will reflect your advancement!)

Our SpellMaster Training And Certification Program is by far, the fastest and easiest way to absolutely master the ancient art of Spellcraft…

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Spellwork Mastery is brought to you by Alpha Ωmega.

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